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The use of Replenishment artifact

Release date:2019-05-29 10:00:51 Views:141


In the hot summer, water is essential for working women replenishment artifact. So water is how to use? How to maintain? What precautions do? Here we have to say something about the use of water artifact, cleaning and maintenance and precautions:First, use1, rotating the battery cover button, open the battery cover2, the positive and negative directions according to the battery compartment mounted four AA batteries 73, open the bottle cap injection, into pure water or lotion4, open the radiator cap products, the use of water injection bottle carefully into the water tank, turn off the water tank lid5, push open the key, start sprayingSecond, cleaning and maintenance1. After each use, use lens cleaning cloth to wipe clean the product.2. diluted lotion after use, thoroughly washed with water tank and injection bottles.3. Do not wash product.Third, pay attention1. Open or close the tank lid, products keep upright.2. The need to control the water level in the tank between the lowest and the highest water level of the water line.3. Do not use a thick lotion or cosmetic oils.

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