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Replenishment artifact introduced

Release date:2019-05-29 10:00:51 Views:136


Replenishment artifact is a more popular now replenishment products, because of its stylish appearance and portable design, has been sought after by the majority of women in the heat.

Water is in the form of a spray of water will be sprayed directly on the skin, whether you are on the go, working, can make your skin to keep water of tender. Especially in the summer, water is essential for working women replenishment artifact.

Water is divided into ordinary water and nano makeup along two kinds. Now the market is more common Nano water filter. Nano water has to be the stratum corneum deep water effect, tiny nanoparticles allow moisture to penetrate into the skin quickly. Let your skin perfectly clear and full, full of moving radiance. Nano-ion mist form nanometer unit size, relative to the normal water droplets more easily penetrate the internal fine structure of the skin, direct skin deep. Achieve rapid filling moisturizing effect.

Teng Kun can pay artifact professional production, electronic beauty gifts, Teng Kun science and technology to ensure that each product development starting point, high standards of production, technology and strict quality checks to keep products off the assembly line yields reached 99.8%, under normal circumstances the user warranty the failure rate during the period of less than five thousandths. High-quality products also Teng Kun rapid growth at the same time, much the majority of customers welcomed and supported.

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