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Bluetooth Sunglasses feature guide

Release date:2019-05-29 10:00:51 Views:197

What is "Bluetooth sunglasses" mean? Is wearable sunglasses Bluetooth headset with a Bluetooth headset, then let us wear glasses can wirelessly listen to a variety of audio content.

Driving case to answer or make a call in the streets is not uncommon, this behavior is not only in violation of traffic laws, there are security risks. Especially since from January 1, 2013 Chinese New traffic rules are enabled, which clearly states: motor vehicle driver driving a motor vehicle has a dial and receive phone hinder safe driving behavior, a record 2 points, according to the situation in some areas also You will receive calls driver behavior at driving process to financial penalties. Well, Bluetooth glasses apply on safe driving also emerged.

First, the mating connector

1, the off state, long press the call button until the red and blue lights flash alternately, that is ready to enter the Bluetooth pairing status (Note: only red and blue lights flashing traffic rules when pairing state, or can not perform the mating connector).

2, open the Bluetooth phone, search for devices, connect to a Bluetooth pairing search glasses device, some phones require a password when you enter (some phones do not need to enter a password), wait a few moments, Bluetooth glasses that is paired with the phone connection is successful, then Bluetooth glasses and blue lights flashing alone, that enter standby mode, you can make a call (or music) a.

3, if the aforementioned Bluetooth pairing is unsuccessful, please long press the call button to turn off the Bluetooth (turn off the phone while Bluetooth), and then were re-opened for operation (the majority of cases, the initial pairing to succeed, and a pair of permanent use, would not be necessary then repeat the operation)

Second, the function guide

1, start: shutdown mode, press and hold the call button for 3 seconds in the middle, and blue lights.

2, off: power on, press and hold the call button for 3 seconds, after flashing blue lights turned off.

3. Redial: Press the call button twice, the redial the last dialed number.

4, answer and hang up: press the call key.

5, refused to answer the phone: When a call, hold the call button for 2 seconds, hear "beep" sound after reject.

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