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Wireless charging technology is one of t

Release date:2019-05-29 10:00:51 Views:207

In recent years, the wearable device to become a favorite of consumers, indicates that another advanced consumer electronics are popular, and perhaps from the eye-catching Apple released Apple Watch can explain two. However, we clearly see that the wearable device battery life still seems unsatisfactory, get rid of battery life problems that may be able to truly promote wearable device hot. Car Wireless Charger

We know that the wearable sensor technology involves upstream and downstream industries, memory, battery, touch modules, interactive voice technology, somatosensory related products, and many other aspects, of which most affect the user experience than the power, I think , who wants to own smart watch to be charged every day, right? Therefore, we believe that the ultra-low-power technology, energy harvesting technology, wireless charging technology will be three elements.

TI's high-performance analog semiconductor products for the Department of battery management products and applications market manager Secretary Dr. Hua Wen also said: power, battery life are factors that hinder the wearable device market in the future, these areas will continue to be the focus of innovation.

Car Wireless Charger

Teng Yun Group Shenzhen Teng-kun Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, has been committed to IT and digital consumer products research and development, production, sales and service. Teng Kun of Science and Technology has launched a Tablet PC, laptops, Bluetooth headsets, smart dressed, VR glasses, car chargers, and other wireless consumer products. Through continuous efforts, Teng-kun Technology ensures that every product development starting point, high standards of production, technology and strict quality checks to keep products off the assembly line yields reached 99.8%, the conventional case user failure rate of the warranty period of less than micrometer (V). High-quality products also Teng Kun rapid growth at the same time, much the majority of customers welcomed and supported.

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