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[Electronic gifts beauty]Electronic inst

Release date:2019-05-29 10:00:51 Views:192

Electronic gifts electronic beauty instrument is the use of physical beauty, electronics, optics and other methods giving a device beauty.


Electronic gifts beauty

There are many types of electronic beauty instrument style, here are some of the electronic instrument beauty tips:

1, current, pulse: Using micro-current pulse modulation techniques to human skin, meridians, acupuncture points to achieve the implementation of the action firming, wrinkles, cosmetic purposes.

2, micro-vibration mode: mechanical vibration, voltage stimulation, so that the body skin tightening, increase their elasticity and enhance skin cell metabolism.

3, colored light irradiation method: using a variety of different colors of light on skin tissue mechanism of action to improve the human skin condition.

4, elevated body temperature method: using the device so that the body temperature rises, accelerate the body metabolism, on behalf of wax melting machine equipment, instrument red light.

5, microwave equipment: the use of microwave can penetrate deep subcutaneous tissue, promote cell contraction movement to achieve cosmetic firming.

6, vacuum adsorption: adsorption equipment with special tools, the role of human skin, the skin using a vacuum suction effect, with the tool body above migratory movements, to squeeze the role of massage, exercise, detoxification can be achieved , firming, increase cell viability tissue.

7, laser therapy: the use of laser energy to destroy skin epidermal cells, mainly used in speckle, to moles, eliminate child cover sheath son, wart like.

8, an ultrasonic method: the use of high-frequency ultrasonic vibration characteristics, role in human skin, the skin to produce high-energy exercise, to shrink the skin.

9, bath therapy: the use of water, water temperature, the affinity of the role of water and human body to achieve the purpose of beauty.

10, light beauty: the use of light in the skin show instant high temperature, play Blemish remove redness effect.

11, the magnetic mechanism: the use of high-energy electromagnetic or permanent magnetic field, the role of the human body to achieve the cosmetic results.

12, RF effects: the use of high frequency shock wave surface skin effect, make the skin shrink, to wrinkles, skin tightening effect.

13, e-import: through the use of electron current physical penetration import role in the beauty-related products, drugs into the internal skin, to achieve the effect of beauty.

14, fumigation Beauty: divided into cold and hot mode, such as gaseous form penetrate the skin tissue to achieve the effect of beauty beauty products to use special equipment, drugs, etc. formed by evaporation.

15, the penetration of oxygen: oxygen using special equipment added to a certain pressure, the role of human skin tissue, increase the intake of oxygen in cells and tissues. Lymphatic drainage facial rejuvenation, whitening, skin tightening, acne facial acne treatment to enhance relaxation and improve skin, dilute the nasolabial folds, forehead wrinkles, eye pattern, removing the black bags under the eyes, dark circles, broken at the crack of Jingbo significant treatment effect.

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