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Different and non-ear ear headphones

Release date:2019-05-29 10:00:51 Views:236


The main difference between the non-ear headphones and in-ear headphones have three things: quality, comfort and soundproofing ability. Ear Headphones artificially create a relatively closed space, reduce outside interference. Its main purpose is to design a user can more clearly and completely in the ear to hear the sound played. Non-ear headphones are basically moving coil earplugs, which is by the moving coil unit characteristics of the decision. Due to the different sounding, the two sound characteristics, but it has significant differences.

Ear headphones is a very popular product, it enters the body through the ear canal filler ear itself catheters and catheter, so that the ear canal is sealed. In addition to in-ear headphones, those fixed to the outer ear, and by virtue of the outer edge of the casing can wear earplugs, it can be referred to as non-ear headphones.

When, however, the initial contact ear headphones might not meet in some way to wear and feel the need to adapt certain time. In the wearing comfort, non-ear headphones because of their open architecture, as well as the human ear and a small contact area features comfortable than ear headphones universal good. But because each person's outer ear shape, use of non-ear headphones may be more likely to cause a small part of the user wearing discomfort.

From practical experience, the price of a similar non-ear headphones and in-ear headphones, the difference in the sound quality is not great. However, most ear headphones sound will appear more "quiet", on the one hand due to their sound structure is relatively closed, the other is due to the limited-ear ear cavity area, so its sound unit either moving coil or moving iron , can not be bigger than in the performance of large dynamic non-ear headphones more or less there will be some differences. Soundproofing capability is a significant difference between the non-ear earphones with ear earplugs. Due to different ear earphones sounding its artificially created a relatively closed space, which makes the performance sound ear earplugs generally good. Rather than the ear canal phones because of its open structure, it is a lot less in terms of soundproofing.

Of course, non-ear and on-ear There is a saying that ear earphones ears hurt more, in fact, both earbuds, headphones, speakers or other sound devices, or if excessive noise for too long listening time will impact on hearing, this is indisputable. But in between the ear and the non-ear, in-ear headphones but it is more conducive to the protection of hearing. For example, in a noisy area, non-user-ear headphones in order to hear the same feeling with indoor sound, you have to increase the volume of external noise can be overshadowed, the result of this behavior is that, beyond the normal volume in many listening situations, while revenue also outside noise together ears, listening for a long time is bound to affect your hearing. The ear canal phones through its own in-ear structure to try to isolate outside sound, so you can make the listener with a smaller volume of music, but is conducive to the protection of such hearing.At the same time, the ear headphones simply extending the ear canal by a longer catheter, sounding unit remains outside the ear canal and therefore does not need to worry about the sound from the eardrum point closer lead to hearing damage.

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