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Six ways to use water spray apparatus

Release date:2019-05-29 10:00:51 Views:1124


Water spray device is a very common instrument water, it is easy to use, very convenient to carry, anywhere can come up with sprays, is a lot of female friends moisturizing essential goods. However, many sister for the use of water spray was there are still some misunderstanding, water spray apparatus is not just puff so simple. Today, science and technology Teng-kun with you together to understand the proper use of water artifact water spray bar.

First, correctly distinguish with mineral water and pure water spray equipment.

Many sister when using water spray, do not follow the requirements to be described, mineral water and purified water mixed with the instrument it is prone to some problems, like little fog, mist sprayed easily condensed into water and the like. Like the United States and the extraordinary water spray apparatus is only with mineral water, other water discharge likely to cause uneven and so on. Therefore, the addition of water sister who is sure to see the instrument with mineral water or purified water.

Second, after finished spraying should be appropriate to dry excess water

After the spray device after spraying, use a paper towel excess water, water and more generally, it will accelerate the evaporation of moisture in the skin surface, resulting in skin dehydration faster, causing more water more dry issue.

Third, the general spray three measures to help absorb

In addition to the hot spring water spray, spray generally use three strategies to help absorb: spray, spray upward a little time as possible to undertake the most water; beat, like playing the piano, with pulp pat whole face; rub the spray. too much can gently wipe with tissue paper.

Fourth, after spraying spray to do proper maintenance

Spray water alone, it is likely to cause the spray more dry consequences. Water spray features only the surface water, you want to really give the skin replenishment, should After spraying spray rub moisturizing cream and moisturizing lotion to increase skin moistness

Fifth, the water spray can be fixed makeup

Many are afraid to sister dressed up with water spray device, a spray and they were afraid to makeup will spend, it is really worth the ah, the beauty did they have to re-fill much trouble. In fact, a lot of water spray effect is tolerance makeup, beauty extraordinary water spray have three times the capacity of makeup effects, as long as the correct use, sister who did not need to worry.

Six Sunscreen not block absorption

OL long time in front of a computer like Cream to use radiation, and will apply sunscreen when they go out. Some people worry that will hinder the absorption of water isolation sunscreen spray, in fact, tiny drops of water spray, water power, and its absorption is not blocked.

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