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How to clean the phone headset

Release date:2019-05-29 10:00:51 Views:1204


Headphones, commonplace electronic devices, usually listen to music, play games, watch movies, and ultimately what drove it.

A lot of people never cleaned headphones, anyway, for my own use, do not feel dirty. In fact, the headset is definitely the hardest hit filth, off the headphones do not believe you look closely, it is disgusting to ......

Phone Headset Factory

Today, cell phone headset factory Teng Kun technology experts teach you the recipe for a simple and effective method of cleaning the headset, you learn to act now!

1, mild cleaning - Wet cleaning method

This method has been in use and effective pro-test, not suitable for cleaning dirty headphones. Wipes in convenience stores and supermarkets can buy and use it to roll back and forth a few times along the headphone cable, clean as new.

Be careful not to be too hard! Headphone cable is very fragile!

2, moderate cleaning - Toothpaste cleaning method

Sometimes with long headphone cable is not only dirty problem, and even some yellow. Then we use every day toothpaste can play its role in the.

Toothpaste whitening effect itself, take it with a small towel and some water complacent back and forth along the line and headphone line a few times, basically able to restore the true colors of headphones.

Note that cleaning the use of semi-moist towelette and then wipe twice, the action should be light!

3, deep cleaning - cleaning agents

If the headset is too dirty to the hopeless, and the outer rubber old yellow hair (you could not bear to throw away), then use a dedicated cleaner.

Currently users are better pro-test is a mighty sir, the other is a foam cleaner car interior, and then there is the remover cotton girls often used.

Mr. Muscle itself is highly corrosive, although the effect is very obvious, but is not recommended for regular use.

Automotive interior foam cleaner like alcohol, volatile, not electrically conductive, relatively safe method of operation is to put the headset on the plastic bag, spray cleaner, let the white foam covering the whole headset, and then hand Qingcuo place two hours, then remove residue with a rag to wipe the surface.

Cotton is very simple, it itself Cleansing exfoliating function. We can face, not to mention the headset.

4, severe cleaning - Alcohol cleaning method

With an alcohol wipe electronic devices we all know that no problem at all. For earphone mesh head, we can choose to use alcohol. The one above can be removed grease, and secondly to give the headset disinfection. The effect is very good.

But alcohol belong to organic will lead to aging headset, so I do not recommend regular use.

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