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Tell you about Bluetooth headset

Release date:2019-05-29 10:00:51 Views:137

Tell you about Bluetooth headset

1 reduce cell phone radiation:

Bluetooth headset for communication, it can bring me a lot of benefits. We all know that the mobile phone has the radiation, this radiation to the brain is certainly not what good thing, we'll study how it can kill brain cells; one is holding a mobile phone to call 10 minutes is enough to make you sore arm, ears are very uncomfortable; believe this feeling we all have. The Bluetooth headset is a good solution to this problem, it can make my brain from mobile phone radiation, but no longer holding a mobile phone, the waist is not sour not the back pain, but also reduces the risk of falling mobile phone.

2 protect personal safety:

With the new traffic law, when driving on a mobile phone will be recorded 2 points penalty; in fact the main purpose of penalty is not relevant, is to remind drivers to drive safely; and the Bluetooth headset in the new traffic law has become extremely popular, most people buy it are car owners. After the use of Bluetooth headset, I do not have to drive in the car when the steering wheel to pick up the phone, the attention will be more focused, the car is also a more stable nature, of course, do not have to worry about being deducted.

3 release hands:

In fact, now the Bluetooth headset in comfort have done a good job of soft silicone ear pads make my ears no pain; usually at home because I used to throw the mobile phone, so the toilet, when I was doing housework, playing computer and occasionally cook, will be wearing a Bluetooth headset, because it can the release of my hands, and not miss any phone (especially the wife's phone, you know). In their daily work, I sometimes wear a Bluetooth headset, because I can do while working on the side of a phone call, so.

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