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Maintenance of sports Bluetooth headset

Release date:2019-05-29 10:00:51 Views:153

Although compact and lightweight Bluetooth headset sports but also conducive to carry, bring a quick and convenient for our career, find a Bluetooth headset forgot, you will find it has become increasingly dependent on when you go out, but no matter how good workmanship , it is inevitable bumps, in order to care for their Bluetooth headsets, maintenance is also essential.


Sport Bluetooth Headset

First, the headset in your pocket or bag before, first turn off the headset, to avoid accidentally pressing the headset key.

Second, the headphones do not contact with sharp objects may cause scratches or damage; but do not let any small objects inserted into the headphones, can damage the parts inside. So after you have finished using not free in your pocket, you should use a small bag filled with, because often there are many small pockets of debris easily broken headphones.

Third, do not bare the headset in a liquid or damp places, but do not use abrasive solvents to clean the headphones; the best storage environment of -10 degrees to +60 degrees, otherwise it will affect the life of the headset.

Fourth, if a long time without using headphones, make sure it is placed in a dry place, if you want to place more than one month time to give the charge to ensure battery performance and headphones, and away from large and dusty local temperature changes.

Fifth, do not put in place the headset easy to form magnetic resonance, such as near a TV, the magnet.

Sixth, do not exposed to fire into the headset, to avoid the risk of explosion.

Seven, do not attempt to disassemble the headset.

Teng Kun of Science and Technology has launched a Tablet PC, laptops, Bluetooth headsets, smart dressed, VR glasses and other consumer products, Teng-kun Technology ensures that every product development starting point, high standards of production, technology and strict quality control, make the product off the assembly line yields reached 99.8%, the conventional case user failure rate of less than five thousandths warranty. High-quality products also Teng Kun rapid growth at the same time, much the majority of customers welcomed and supported.

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