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Caution should buy a mobile phone headse

Release date:2019-05-29 10:00:51 Views:151

Now smart phones for more than just calls and texting, and has a lot of entertainment features, often due to environmental constraints, we need to take your phone headset to make a call or entertainment, but the market many cell phone headset category, cohabitation how to choose a good cell phone headset it? Teng Kun-technology mobile phone headset factory experts to teach you:

1, except the headset are only applicable to certain situations, if you are using a variety of portable music players, should choose earbud, which is mainly due to the portability considerations. Also we should note that headphone impedance and sensitivity of the match, in a variety of portable music players, the general use of low-impedance headphones, mainly Walkman audio input low-power, low-impedance headphones easy to obtain better results, and if the computer sound card using a low-impedance headphones, it is likely to burn headphones, so you want to buy headphones authentic official flagship store purchase.

2, note that cell phone headset wires and workmanship. Effect wire sound is very serious, different wire will significantly alter the nature of the sound, in this regard brand more reassuring, the other should pay attention to the length of the connection is appropriate. From the work that high-quality headphones so the plastic looks very smooth, has a certain toughness and stress, no stiff feeling, fine workmanship, feel good, did not use rough feel inferior plastic. Soft touch concurrent connections, plug coating smooth and uniform, and no plastic burr joints.

3, try to choose some big brands or businesses high credit headphones, so quality is guaranteed, not because of cheap and buy blindly. Teng Kun of Science and Technology has launched a Tablet PC, laptops, Bluetooth headsets, smart dressed, VR glasses and other consumer products, Teng-kun Technology ensures that every product development starting point, high standards of production, technology and strict quality control, make the product off the assembly line yields reached 99.8%, the conventional case user failure rate of less than five thousandths warranty. High-quality products also Teng Kun rapid growth at the same time, much the majority of customers welcomed and supported.

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