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Phone headset usually use points to note

Release date:2019-05-29 10:00:51 Views:142

Phone headset factory Tenking Technology tell you, not the more expensive the better headset.

Phone Headset Factory

Headphones are small, but valuable. If, for improper use rotten, it can not guarantee, but also a very difficult thing. The following briefly talk about each part of the earphone headset tips:

1, head of conservation. Many headphones are currently selected gilded head, so useful for reducing the impedance assistance, transition wear will cause changes in sound quality. This very thin layer of gold-plated general, if performed repeatedly pull, the appearance will wear quickly, it is recommended not often pull down the headset.

2, convergence at the headphone cord and only head with a rubber fixed inside the solder joints, wire pulling force to pull down the headset lead solder drop, which is undesirable behavior. The correct approach is upon her head, and then slowly pull out.

3, outside of the earphone line should also pay attention, if damaged external rendering, will directly affect the life of the wires inside. Although the choice of wire material are different, but boils down to, it is still attributed to the rubber, and therefore should pay attention to some of the conservation methods of rubber products, such as not to oil, acid, alkali and other things contaminated wire. It is worth noting sweat, sweat stained if the line, then to wipe clean.

4, the headset is a fine contrast to something bump will cause internal parts loose or damaged, so we should prevent the bump headphones.

5, the temperature and humidity. High temperature or humidity make the Metropolitan headphones damage. Particularly reflected in the diaphragm of the most significant, if in the case of high temperature, high humidity, earphone diaphragm is very simple deformation. Headphones should avoid direct sunlight, by the fire, water and the like.

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