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The new wireless charging standard, open

Release date:2019-05-29 10:00:51 Views:133

[Car Wireless Charger]Wireless charging technology is a power supply device to transfer energy to the electrical device, so that the received energy to charge the battery, and a new technology for its own operation, many electronic products are now using this technology, such as Apple's Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy S6 have adopted wireless charging technology.Research coordinating body believes that wireless charging device will be developed rapidly, and wireless charging device will predict from last year's global shipments of 55 million set to increase to 120 million group, 2024 will continue to increase to 2 billion group, that 2015 wireless charging industry revenue of $ 1.7 billion, to 2024 annual revenue will increase to $ 15 billion. Seen in this light, wireless charging huge potential for development, now let us count the number of wireless charging products in specific application now!In wireless charging, in addition to the use of ultrasonic wireless charging, focus the light to charge, charge interactions outside electricity and magnetism, but also the use of WiFi wireless charging, the research team from the University of Washington in efforts to wireless charging technology, they are now achieve a wireless power transmission 8.5 meters away, the team's wireless charging technology only requires two components: an access point (router), a custom sensor.Mad PK-- explore the industry's most controversial current events, striving to be the most personalized technical Daniel, quickly involved and leave a wonderful comment!

Since the Alliance for Wireless Powe standards issued by the wireless charging support from 3.5-16 watt power range extended to 1-50 watts, which means the future of wireless charging device supported devices will no longer be limited to handheld devices, the future of notebook after the computer can take advantage of wireless power charging technology, so natural in the process of transmission power of the size, the level of conversion efficiency in the field of wireless charging became the biggest surprise in the charging process, it is not to achieve a very high power charging effect is even more good?

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