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Outside the oil dry skin moisturizing ar

Release date:2019-05-29 10:00:51 Views:133

Summer sweat more, and more oil, but the lack of cuticle is not enough moisture to the skin underlying severe water shortages, but the surface shine, a lot of people a "foreign oil dry" situation, so the summer in addition to whitening, sunscreen , and more need to do inside and outside "deep moisturizing."

an examination! Within five kinds of foreign oil dry bad habits

1. Excessive cleansing stimulate the sebaceous glands, the skin cells are damaged. Cleansing the intensity and temperature also affect the skin moisture, hot water will wash the face of excess grease, but wash sebum film has a protective effect. Gentle cleansing morning and evening is enough, with the water temperature between 30 ℃ to 35 ℃ of.

2. Using the wrong skin care products. Select the molecule is too large or too moist essence, only lack of nutrition for the skin does not replenish skin moisture, nutrients will remain in the skin surface, it is more likely to lead to clogged pores, and underlying chronic water shortages.

3. No exfoliating habits. Why skin exfoliating moisturizing ability and relevant? Table uppermost stratum corneum located in the cortex, a thickening of the stratum corneum, originally scheduled pushed to the outer cuticle oil becomes harder to smooth out, while the underlying oil and kept secretion, resulting in excessive oil secretion, skin look greasy surface.

4. exposure, skin damage such as extrusion acne, skin protective barrier will weaken defense capabilities, resulting in an imbalance of water and oil.

5. The computer, cell phone radiation and blue light will make the skin becomes dry and pores, usually do to reduce mobile phone overuse and machines leave their hands, do not place the phone on the bed to sleep, it is best placed away from their position, to avoid play phone and unwittingly drained skin.


Replenishment artifact

Four kinds of dry skin to get rid of foreign oil good habits

1. mild cleansing

Over cleansing will cross-sectional structure of the cuticle bad, cause skin moisturizing ability. Choose a mild cleanser and a moisturizing effect or cleansing foam having dense foam in the oil-prone T-zone massage, and less fat cheeks, foam or lotion to gently glide.

2. Promoting Peeling

The stained cotton exfoliating lotion effect by tapping t go to the cheeks, or twice a week to remove dead skin to make a skin, the skin regulate oil secretion.

3. utilization cotton

Stained lotion with a cotton pad in the cheeks were 5-10 minutes attaining skin to accelerate the increase slickness. Then talk moisturizer down on semi-dry cotton pad in circular motion smear cheeks began to make foreign oil within the dry state slowly improving.

4. Quick WaterPumpSystem

Apply mask and use the import feature of moisturizing ingredients have hydrating skin beauty instrument artifact rapid replenishment. Every Monday or twice, so that the skin surface and the bottom also get plenty of water.

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