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Virtual Reality VR technology to become

Release date:2019-05-29 10:00:51 Views:125


VR has brought what kind of impact the interaction and integration of film, theater, animation art form between? The future may give birth to what kind of state of the art form? Recently, in order to "VR art and artistic potential may be" as the theme of VR Art Salon held at the China Federation of Literary Resource Center. Related research in all directions, experts and scholars around the status of development of the arts VR, future prospects and the practical application of other topics were discussed and exchange.In recent years, virtual reality VR technology to become the industry's hot at the same time, VR also violent earthquake shock Chanzhe arts. Zhongshan University philosophy professor, human-computer network laboratory director and Agreement of presentation, virtual reality is the art of virtual reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and other means of artificial intelligence technology to use as a medium of art form. "Unlike AI, VR has a seamless connection real and virtual function, it can be done on human visual, auditory completely erase the true feelings of human life has a great subversive."Moment, VR has been a number of applications in many areas of literature: VR live concert scene, so fans have a spot to experience all the time; VR panoramic movie stereoscopic viewing space under the concept, put forward new challenges narrative language; Google VR dedicated painting software "Tilt Brush" to make a 360-degree perspective of Huihaopomo possible; VR through the concept of "telepresence" to expand the theater space, the birth of a new play "games"; VR Art Museum is to break the traditional boundaries of time and space, to build a new the new exhibition space on the semantics of ......VR visual sense, artistic, visual impact beyond any kind of Internet technology traditional visual imagination. The future will bring even greater impact on the change and development of the arts, science and technology as well as our lives, people are concerned about all areas of a new form.VR virtual reality, is to watch the way on the surface, in the final analysis is a kind of social re-cognitive style. Giving rise to a new viewing experience at the same time, VR has brought greater interaction and integration between the various forms of art, gave birth to a more diverse state of the art form. Wherein the digital art gallery is one of the typical representative.Since VR is not the time and place of control, it can break the space must limitations, VR Art curatorial, exhibition, management conducted an experimental attempt, not only as a concept of the traditional exhibition space digitized extension, but also as forefront of modern science and technology to create a new comprehensive reflection of the future museum.Faced with disruptive innovation, how VR better apply it to the artistic creations is particularly important. In this regard, he pointed out that a variety of sensing technology need to be addressed human services model, production interact, and intermediate expression.Phone headset factory Teng-kun Technology has introduced a tablet PC, laptop, Bluetooth headset, smart dressed, VR glasses and other consumer products, and many customers at home and abroad to undertake a case custom application development projects and industries. Tel: 0755-23096363. Welcome to inquire!

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