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Wearable device how to collect energy

Release date:2019-05-29 10:00:51 Views:205


Never want to charge is not an easy thing, especially in the anti-lost Tag iFind such a small volume. It questioned by many, was accused of fraud project, while project sponsors failed to give tangible evidence to prove that they can make such a product). Just issued a statement accepting Kickstarter practice, but strongly denied that he is a fraud.

Car Wireless Charger

iFind is not fraud still have questions, but it reminds us over the road in front of the world's leading line without charge, the energy collected in this way is important in being. Expected in the future, wearable device will be available through the light, heat or vibration to obtain energy. It sounds like science fiction, but can collect energy wearable device has been in existence for many years. For example, Japanese Seiko invented an electromagnetic generator, through the user's body movement to power its quartz watch.

But today relies sensors, computer chips and communications technology wearable device, these relatively simple energy harvesting methods are no longer sufficient. But we still have hope, there have been a series of new technologies that can help achieve energy independence wearable device. [] In-vehicle wireless charger energy collection, the main concern within the scientific community and industry following techniques:

Solar battery

Not only solar farms, large street these applications, we will see a miniature version of the solar cell to the wearable device to provide sufficient energy. No battery solar watches have been around for years, Energy Bionics recently developed a solar-powered watch not only meet their needs, but also that other power equipment.

The solar cell used in a wearable device is a big problem, the device needs to power the light, once the light is blocked, such as the sleeves below, would not be able to produce the energy. But from another perspective, it also allows the solar cell to be a good choice of intelligent clothing, flexible batteries can even go directly sewn into the fabric.

Conventional solar cell design is for the sun, because the intensity of sunlight is much higher than common indoor light source. To solve this problem, some of the new materials are being developed that can generate electricity in the room, but also greatly improved efficiency.

Thermoelectric collection

Thermoelectric collection is converting thermal energy into electricity using the physical principle called the Seebeck effect. Peltier element plus a specific semiconductors, as long as the temperature difference occurs will generate electricity.

For wearable devices, continue to dissipate the heat of the human body can be used as one end of the heat, the environment has become a cold end. Energy production depends on how much value Δ between the high and low temperature. Peltier element can collect a lot of energy, and thus close to the skin, and the high energy requirements of the device is promising. Thermoelectric recovered a steady stream of energy is a big advantage, whether it is indoors or outdoors, day or night can take advantage of.

Lei Feng network reported earlier on South Korea developed a heat energy into electrical energy patch, its various properties have been very satisfied with the wearable device's needs.

Piezoelectric collection

Piezoelectric collect the mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy. In the piezoelectric element, the piezoelectric effect, as long as the element is subjected to mechanical manipulation force will produce small currents. Application of the wearable device, the design of the piezoelectric element is usually by walking, breathing or vibration caused by hand movement to generate electricity.

Piezoelectric energy collected by relatively few applications are mainly in the power restrictions which makes it less equipment as well as parts of the body is always in a state of motion. Scientists are developing a flexible polymer piezoelectric fiber breathable characteristics that can be placed in a fabric which also has a wide range of application scenarios.

Wearable device optimized power consumption and storage

Want to make wearable device completely without charge, energy harvesting is only one. Energy storage is another aspect there is much room for improvement. In this regard and the graphene supercapacitors potential. Magical material graphene can dramatically improve the efficiency of the battery and the capacitor, thereby improving overall performance wearable device. The structure of the capacitor can be wearable components into energy storage, eliminating the need for extra space to house the battery.

Let another wearable device to improve battery life even completely without recharging method is to significantly reduce the sensor chip and communications systems energy consumption. Smartphones successfully promoted the development of low-power high-performance chips. Wearable device processor require less computing power and energy also. To address this issue, including chip maker Intel, including positive by the processor, memory, and communication modules to be integrated into a single chip, thereby reducing some of the common energy loss.

Select the most efficient networking technology to reduce energy consumption is also of great help. Looking to the future, more and more sensors and devices worn on different parts of the body, so that efficient communication called "body area network" enormous potential in terms of energy savings. Companies such as EnOcean has developed optimized protocol, IPv6 use of relatively shorter data telegram, so that the energy equivalent of the order of transmission of information consumption is significantly reduced.

All of these different aspects of improvements are driving into a wearable device without recharging times, and dramatically improve performance. Coupled with wireless charging technology, consumers may soon see a wearable device significantly improve the user experience, which will further the wearable into a wider market.

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