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Identification of plant experts teach yo

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Now on the market "Walkman" as used cell phone headset, some are fake and shoddy products in Japan BRD headset, and some even mid-range "Walkman" machine authentic Original BRD headset replaced fudge sold. Therefore, the purchase should pay attention to determine the authenticity of the pros and cons of the phone headset.

(1) genuine BRD headphones (including Japan recognized the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and other assembled product), a clear brand appearance, surface treatment is very smooth, without the slightest glitch. Imitation counterfeit appearance than genuine difference, and even burrs, rough or print fonts no clear sense.

(2) genuine BRD headphone cord is very soft, no stiff feeling, on lead some high-end headphones BRD is also printed on a small label clearly emblem. Imitation of counterfeit goods of poor quality wire, often stiff feeling.

Wire (3) genuine BRD headset grind head molded body delicate delicate, feel good. Molded body is double, the outer finger toggle. Imitation goods had molded body more rigid, soft feeling when no finger toggle injection molding body is the integration of non-bilayer.

Sponge (4) Remove the BRD headphones on the front cover, can buy through tiny holes on the pronunciation sound film was observed film sound headphones genuine BRD layer generally glowing purple blue sheen.

(5) Genuine BRD headphones sound good, clear high bass level is extremely clear. Counterfeit products are generally do not have this feature.

Phone headset factory Teng-kun Technology has introduced a tablet PC, laptop, Bluetooth headset, smart dressed, VR glasses and other consumer products, and many customers at home and abroad to undertake a case custom application development projects and industries. Tel: 0755-23096363. Welcome to inquire!

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