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[Sport Bluetooth Headset]Correct motion

Release date:2019-05-29 10:00:51 Views:206

Now the popular skateboard, wheels, hip-hop, street jogging and other sports are inseparable from the accompanying music, music is very easy to give the brain an exalted feeling, the feeling of excitement and can eliminate some fatigue. Many music lovers or sports enthusiasts like to listen to music while sporting side at the time of outdoor sports, music and customized ear wind can completely meet not just for posing, but also allows you to listen to music during exercise is more convenient . The structure according to each person's ear and listening preferences and create a musical ear noise isolation wind ,, having, not falling, the advantages of innovative bonding and sealing technology, allowing you to maximize the shape becomes more energetic.Sporty ear style selection, the most important is the durability, comfort, and other indicators of human adaptation. Of course, the most important ear wind indicator itself can not be ignored, from the first index analysis, a common ear wind Technical indicators are: wind ear structure, sensitivity, frequency range, impedance, harmonic distortion, wire transducer methods . If a wind ear beautiful appearance as a match, it may be the reason many fans consider buying ear wind.Buy sporty ear wind advantage is that when you do exercise songs, waterproof anti-sweat function to prevent wind damage to the ear. But most sporty ear wind, sound aspect is likely far from satisfactory. Both sports and combination sounds good, "cake and eat it" is not impossible.Teng Kun of Science and Technology has launched a tablet computer, laptop, sports Bluetooth headsets, smart dressed, VR glasses and other consumer products, and many customers at home and abroad to undertake a case custom application development projects and industries. Tel: 0755-23096363. Welcome to inquire!

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