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[Bluetooth headset sports] Often use Blu

Release date:2019-05-29 10:00:51 Views:202

Sport Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets have become one of the essential information age communication devices. For drivers who are friends and like the mobile phone handset too close to the head of the people, the Bluetooth headset undoubtedly acclaimed.

However Recently, a scientific statement does not cause a panic such persons: Excessive use a Bluetooth headset can cause radiation caused health problems.

Fortunately, the scientists verified using a Bluetooth headset radiation value is only a few tenths of a mobile phone, almost negligible do not care, are radiation free products, can rest assured that the use of mobile phones belonging to the green way in Europe has been quite popular.

Phone radiation is, on the plane, at the gas station, in the operating room phone use is prohibited, as shown by the objective existence of mobile phone radiation hazards, can interfere with the machine, it will not interfere with the body? Is flesh also stronger than steel! When the phone call every time, the television screen jitter, so wired telephone produce harsh noise, it would not affect the body? In fact, some sensitive mobile phone users will be a "tinnitus", "ears fever," "migraine", "hearing loss" and so long after each call, some of the elderly, pregnant women try to avoid using the phone in .

China National Standards Committee as early as 2001 put the "electromagnetic radiation pollution" as the fourth largest pollution following the water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution after the country visible moment not stopped on the phone "radioactive contamination" concerns. Definition and prevent mobile phone radiation, from mobile phones and network systems to solve two, there are still many technical problems and the dual economy.

Bluetooth technology appears as a "mobile phone radiation" completely solved to an end.

Bluetooth is the name of a medieval Danish king, the king is known to like the novel, just the new look coincides with Bluetooth products. Bluetooth technology originated in 1994 by Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Nokia and Toshiba co-main push one of the latest wireless technology agreement. As a low-power short-range wireless data transmission standard Bluetooth technology running on the 2.4GHz band, the frequency hopping bandwidth of 79MHz, the maximum data transmission speed of 1Mbps, the maximum transmission distance of 10 meters, can achieve multiple devices simultaneously interconnect traffic .

Panel by the World Health Organization, IEEE and other experts said the radiation detection did not find Bluetooth products on human beings. Bluetooth products only 1 mW output power, microwave power is one-millionth of one-thousandth of a mobile phone power for mobile phone Bluetooth headset is not directly "destroy" the "mobile phone radiation", but with isolated measures, through a Bluetooth headset to the human body may have "radiation pollution" and the body of the phone apart, let the phone away from the body in the bag or desk to avoid all kinds of mobile phones harm to humans may pose.

Bluetooth headset is not only cut off the black hand may contaminate the human body, but also because of its wireless features and better sound quality, the liberation of the hands, making wireless communication adds fun, cell phones may not need to play the hand. Drivers, surgery doctors, actors, conductors, and even traffic police can not worry on the phone from his shackles. The new era is about to move due to the arrival of the Bluetooth headset again, become a healthy lifestyle communications.

So, dear phone up to the people, rest assured choose your favorite Bluetooth headset now! Teng Kun of Science and Technology has launched a tablet computer, laptop, sports Bluetooth headsets, smart dressed, VR glasses and other consumer products, and many customers at home and abroad to undertake a case custom application development projects and industries. Tel: 0755-23096363. Welcome to inquire!

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