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Electric vehicle wireless charging inter

Release date:2019-05-29 10:00:51 Views:1112

According to technology website Gizmag reports, in order to strengthen industry standards and guidance, international automaton Engineers (SAEInternational) has released a plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicle wireless charging technology industry standards, this is the first electric vehicle wireless charging industry terms standards, groundbreaking.


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New agreement carmaker and supplier

SAEInternational (Society for Automotive Engineers, the original translation: Society of Automotive Engineers) is a technical Society, which has more than 143,000 members worldwide, are members of the aerospace, automotive and commercial vehicle industry, engineers and related technical experts. The introduction of new industry standards referred to as "SAE TIR J2954", aimed at setting norms for light plug-in and all-electric vehicle wireless charging technology, and implementation of a unified standard in the industry in order to strengthen the management and guidance of the industry, the industry standards, will engage in in-vehicle wireless charger manufacturers to provide some guidance.

The current standard is the SAE J1772 specification plug-in charging aspects, by the vast majority of car manufacturers. And accept the new TIR J2954 standard wireless charging carmakers including Daimler (BMW), Fiat - Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Jaguar Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota. These agreements have been signed carmaker's electric vehicles now account for the vast majority of the market. It is reported that some of the industry supply chain is located in the first level of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) who, like Delphi, LG, Panasonic, Tokyo Denki Kagaku TDK, also have signed a new wireless charging protocol. At the same time, used in the production of plug-in system bus manufacturers, including Volvo, BYD electric bus company and the US general Terra (Proterra), also co-signed the agreement.

The new SAE standard passenger cars aimed at developing wireless charging protocol. Standards of wireless energy transfer aspects of the low-speed charging (WirelessPower Transfer, WPT) protocol, and by way of the appendix for other problems, such as high-speed charging mode supplementary leave enough space. According to reports, the new standard will be officially published online in Logan, Utah, United States electric vehicle conference on May 31, 2016.

According to reports, SAE TIR J2954 provisions of 85 KHz (kilohertz, 81.39-90kHZ) is a light vehicle charging system commonly used frequency band (frequency band). Currently, the new agreement provides for four levels of all-electric vehicles and plug-in wireless energy transmission level, but the agreement revised in the future add more levels. Clear wireless band after charging, an automotive manufacturer of wireless charger can be compatible with various other manufacturers, wireless charging device charging stations. As J1772 provision allows Nissan and Mitsubishi jointly use the same charger, the new regulations will allow J2954 Toyota and BMW shared wireless charging stations for consumers great convenience.

According to reports, four charge level names are WPT1-4, but the document only identified two levels, two additional grades will be used in the future. WPT 1 clear 3.7kW charging capability (speed), and WPT 2 clarifies that charging capacity of 7.7kW. Currently, these two standards being developed by the United States Idaho (Idaho) Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory and experimental team (Argonne National Labs) to be tested. Currently, the test bench (benchtesting) in progress at the same time, real-time testing of the onboard power supply is also under way. According to reports, the wireless charging standard is scheduled to be completed in 2018.

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