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Bluetooth headset to use a drag two func

Release date:2019-05-29 10:00:51 Views:1129


It is often the case, after we finish with a Bluetooth headset, we want to watch online video on your computer with a Bluetooth headset, so we had to disconnect the phone connection, and re-connect to a paired computer, so the trouble arises Bluetooth headset with two features. Called a headset with two Bluetooth it refers to a Bluetooth headset can connect two Bluetooth devices can be exchanged between Bluetooth devices using a Bluetooth headset. Many users may not be clear to use a drag II, below, and how to use Bluetooth to share one with two functions!

One for two functions as follows:

The first step will be the first mobile phone with a Bluetooth headset connect to a paired device, press and hold the key, until the indicator appears red and blue lights flashing alternately (voice prompts Bluetooth headset Bluetooth headset will start to boot into pairing mode) at this time release, opens the first Bluetooth phone, search for Bluetooth headset pairing connection type, and ultimately prompt the pairing is successful, enter the next step.

The second step, turn off the Bluetooth headset (voice prompts Bluetooth headset is turned off), turn off the first mobile phone Bluetooth. Open the second phone, follow the steps above to connect with a Bluetooth headset pairing, it will eventually prompt the pairing is successful, enter the next step.

The third step, holding the second phone and Bluetooth headset is on, open the first Bluetooth phone, paired with the headset is connected, and ultimately prompt the pairing is successful, one with two functions can be used.

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