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Vehicle wireless charger use and precaut

Release date:2019-05-29 10:00:51 Views:190


Car difference with common charger wireless charger that plugs - car charger cigarette lighter plug is the formula to find the cigarette lighter in the car (usually in the cab and a suitcase each), inserted into the plug (to be a plug in the end, it clicks on the line), then connect the other end to charge your cell phone or other digital devices.

When to give the corresponding charging device, please note that the car must be after the engine is started, the charger to the device before you can use Oh! Otherwise, when the car ignition, the car battery voltage reduction will affect the charging effect, and damage to the car charger.

Car charger as a power outlet to charge the phone directly with a car cigarette lighter. Due to the low voltage provided by the car, so the car charger only to have internal overload protection circuit can be. Front-end design car charger socket has a fuse, overload protection circuit when the current exceeds the affordable range, the fuse blows immediately, play a protective role.

Car charger steps:

1. On the car cigarette lighter, plug in a USB car charger head, through a standard USB interface to output DC voltage.

2. Voltage and current electronic design parameters in full compliance with pda mobile phone standards and will not cause damage to your beloved machine.

3. Connect the USB cable that can be MP3 / MP4, mobile phones, speakers, Bluetooth, PSP and other electronic products power supply, charging.

On-board charger, the following considerations:

1, do not use the car charger car charger (6) in humid environments

2, do not put the car charger stored in a humid environment

3, the use of a suitable temperature is 0-45 ℃

4, away from children

5, to avoid lightning

6, charging is completed in time to pull the plug

Therefore, for security reasons, be sure to buy the regular brand, buy genuine, inferior products prone to security risks. Car charger direct charge and can be divided into two kinds of cradle. You can choose to buy the charger, remove the battery that is charged to avoid the vehicle power supply instability, sudden high peak output voltage of the cell phone phenomenon burned to burn also burn the battery and reduce losses. Shenzhen Teng-kun Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in vehicle wireless charger, bluetooth sunglasses, etc., please contact us!

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