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Wireless charging is the future of weara

Release date:2019-05-29 10:00:51 Views:188


Wearable technology products are currently in full swing, covered the general electronic table to monitor physiological information of the electronic device, and even attracts the attention of the recent Google smart glasses and a smart watch with your phone connection etc. gradually come out, however, these shapes cool compact, battery-powered wearable behind the product may be derived from many security issues. Car Wireless Charger

UL's high-tech industry in Asia Pacific Engineering Director Cai Yingzhe from the perspective of security and wireless charging for wearable product safety and future development of solutions. According to Gartner forecast report, 2016, wearable wisdom of electronic products to market value in 2016 will have around $ 10 billion, attracted various manufacturers have introduced new intelligent wearable products for ergonomic wear products bigger fine size, such as a movie Iron man Usually the number of science and technology wearable wisdom no longer a dream, with consumers ready to meet the charging needs of future wireless charging will also be pampered with wearable electronics manufacturing giant adoption security will be an important topic attendant.

Wireless charging technology now can be divided into magnetic induction charging and resonance charging two kinds of attributes for different products, each with its expected future development of the market. Currently UL for low-power wireless charger has been developed safety standards UL2738, which is mainly aimed to electromagnetic induction technology-based low-power receiving and sending products. Another formula for resonance technology, the current product has not yet come out, UL will continue to observe and explore the development of related technology and industry, and draft standards for wireless charging UL is focusing on the development of electric vehicles ULSubject2750, which is the part of Resonance technology safety standards .

Wireless charging is the next big popular applications, UL standard except the active participation of the Global Alliance to develop wireless-related, will also continue with related units and industrial manufacturers to jointly develop wireless charging specification to enhance safety and further promote Everywhere wireless charge vision. Shenzhen Teng-kun Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in vehicle wireless charger, bluetooth sunglasses, etc., please contact us!

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