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Phone headset factory Teng-kun Technolog

Release date:2019-05-29 10:00:51 Views:183


I tried many ways now to find a good way to solve the water-free bass and sound after smaller problems.

1 Headphone sound principle: . . . . . . . . . . . Eardrum vibrate. . . . . . . . . . . .

2 headphone sound becomes small water causes: water droplets stuck to the top of the tympanic membrane, tympanic membrane deformation, affecting the eardrum vibration frequency and vibration other parameters

Solution 3:

1) eliminate the headset moisture: dry, cold dry, facing three holes headset back blows it, etc.

2) make the eardrum shape recovery ever: this is the key.

Specific methods: in your headset under water a few cases, first clean the headphone front of the metal film, and then his mouth latch onto the front of the headset, the first headset toward breathing, not air leakage, piapia will hear the sound, and then facing earphone inspiration, not air leakage, will hear the voice of piapia, after a few back and forth, the headset will return to the shape of the tympanic membrane, but do not overexert when washing and blowing. Finalizing a suction or blowing, so that the tympanic membrane in one direction to expand.

Note 4:

Because for a long time and then hot water caused by wind and bad headphones get deformed tympanic membrane, and which I only tried once, tentatively regarded as 100% successful.

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